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If you need the services of a locksmith by a professional, reliable and decent Call Stallion Locksmith Richmond Hill serving Headford neighborhood.

Security is everyone’s priority and no one wants to be unsafe Get electronic deadbolt wifi to unlock from anywhere.

Get all your locksmith services in one place Did you get stuck outside the door? 

Can’t open the vehicle? Want a quality lock on the front door to prevent break-ins?

Want to install a safe to protect your property? You came to the right place!

Residential and Commercial Locksmith Headford Ontario

We at Stallion Locksmith Richmond Hill can help you in all of these situations. Our professional team of experts will be happy to help you when and where you need it.

We specialize in all locksmith services and are committed to providing you with the highest quality service and of course at the fairest price.

upfront prices available on the phone just explain the situation and we will quote with the final price best deals guaranteed for the residents of Headford neighborhood.

so the question is what's better to Rekey or Change Locks?

locksmith for houses on-site locksmith tech when you just moved into a new apartment and you need to rekey the locks.

in any way, you will get brand new keys to the property some door locks are in very good condition and not require replacement

in rekey situation we only replace the pines in the cylinder and doing just that you able to keep the locks and having new keys rekey and master key performing by Headford locksmith team

Emergency Locksmith - Lost House Keys & What to do?

Have you lost your house keys and have no spare?

stallion locksmith Headford  technician can pick your lock and open the door at first then will create new keys to operate your doors and locks.

Electronic Deadbolt Smart Lock or High Security Medeco

want to upgrade the security of the locks on your house or business storefront here a few things about high-security deadbolts and how to choose the right one for your property and keep it under budget.

interior or exterior doors can determine the grade level as well as the duty.

how many people have access to the unit in the building its important to know and understand this before choosing a lock-in many cases its better to have electronic access locks for example in an office building.

our expert’s technician can assist with quick conversion regard to security needs and budget-wise. contact Stallion Locksmith Richmond hill Security Experts for advice 647-606-2646

Locksmith Near Me? Find a Locksmith Now! are you in need to unlock your home or office door stallion locksmith serving the city since 2007 we perform on-site calls for your lockout and we can pick any lock fast services 20 min 


we open 6 days a week Sunday to Friday 8:00 am to 8:00 pm regularly respond services at COVID-19 keeping everyone safe.

“Headford was established as a postal village in 1856 and home to Methodist Church that opened in 1850. A brief oil fever in the 1860s but the area declined by the early 20th century. Headford once had saw (F. Eckhardt farm) and grist (John Burr farm) mills along Beaver Creek. Headford is now mainly a business park area bounded by Major Mackenzie Drive, Leslie Street, Highway 404 and 16th Avenue.”

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